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In today’s scenario, the global demand for accurate quantitative analysis is rising exponentially, and there is a need for well-qualified quants. There are high frequency trading jobs, quantitative trading jobs and plenty of other different kind of roles, but there is a shortfall of suitable candidates to fill them!

QuantInsti makes sure that every individual who completes EPAT™ successfully is groomed to such an extent that they can match up with industry expectations for algo trading jobs.

After the successful completion of EPAT™ from QuantInsti, our Placement cell will assist you in finding algorithmic trading jobs for you according to your specialization and core strengths. We will also ensure that you will have recognized growth in your quantitative finance career. To achieve this, we go a step further and help you build the core strengths required for quant jobs.

Our Placement cell’s role is to work with you to facilitate a successful match for your profile.

Getting Placed through Us

QuantInsti has tie-ups with most of the quant and algo trading firms in India. The highly valuable skill sets that we offer through our flagship programme, EPAT™, will make you every recruiter’s no. 1 choice. Throughout the duration of the program and even after that, you will be constantly under the mentorship of our placement experts who will guide you with the process of placement. Besides giving you placement, we also give lifetime support from our end, which is the most unique thing about our Placement Cell.

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Current Openings

Sr. No.Current Job OpeningsDomainSalary Range
1Algo DealerDealer8 - 12 lakhs
2Quantitative Research AnalystResearch8 - 15 lakhs
3Senior Associate – Algo SalesSales10 - 15 lakhs
4Quant ResearcherResearch10 - 15 lakhs
5Data ScientistResearch15 - 20 lakhs
6AVP Risk Methodology - Credit Risk AnalyticsRisk and Analytics15 - 25 lakhs
7Quant AnalystTrading15- 20 Lakhs
8HFT TraderTrading15- 25 lakhs
9Senior Quant StrategistTrading20 - 25 lakhs
10Trading Strategist (HFT/MFT/LFT)Trading25- 50 lakhs

Types of Jobs in Quant and Algo industry

Typical hiring firms include high frequency trading firms, Algo trading firms, prop desks, brokerages and stock exchanges. From a systems operator to a risk manager, every role is crucial for the firm to succeed in managing its own and clients’ money. High frequency trading jobs often come with higher salary packages.

Typically there are three categories of roles in this industry as listed below.


He who is responsible for the following:

  • Risk Management and Hedging. 
  • Analysis of market volatility. 
  • Evaluation of performance of existing and new trading strategies. 
  • Optimization of the performance of strategies. 

Research Analyst

He who is responsible for the following:  

  • Perform statistical analysis of large sets of financial data
  • Clean and process data, Perform data modeling, evaluations and simulations.
  • Research and develop analytical tools for optimization, performance measurement, and pricing models


He who is responsible for the following:

  • Develop various kinds of algo trading strategies on trading platforms
  • Research low latency development techniques and implement in platform and strategies
  • Develop execution and analytical libraries and build infrastructure for it


EPAT™ – Bridging the Skill Gap

EPAT™ opens a gateway into a wide variety of industries and you can choose the job as per your personal interest. EPAT™ is a 6-months long online certification programme in Algorithmic Trading which provides a delicate and optimized mix of practical orientation and theoretical requirements to succeed in Quantitative and Algorithmic trading firms.

The programme has three core modules which prepares participants with required skill sets in different roles:

  • Statistics and Econometrics (Quantitative analysis skills)
  • Quantitative Trading Strategies (Market understanding, analysis and trading skills)
  • Technology and Programming (development and computational skills)

The EPAT™ Certificate will be of great value to 

  • Traders
  • Analysts
  • Programmers
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Brokerage Service and Data Providers
  • Risk Manager
  • Financial Product Developers
  • Students


Noel Vaz
The QuantInsti’s course covers commonly used tools and techniques used by professionals from programming to the specific quantitative techniques. This helped me understand financial quantitative techniques as well as how to implement them in practical.
Noel Vaz- Equity Research Analyst at Angel Broking
Roshan D’Almeida
I would like to thank QuantInsti and its members for directing me towards a specific career and guiding me in that direction. The QI team was patient with me knowing that I am putting in my efforts at a slow but sure pace. They were helpful in conducting mock interviews to get me prepared.
Roshan D’Almeida- Risk Manager at KIFS Securities
Samartha Siddhartha
Thank you for getting me a placement in a field related to algorithm.I would like to appreciate efforts of entire Quantinsti Team. The team has the most professionally managed curriculum and an extremely dedicated placement team. Quantinsti was an experience of a lifetime.
Samartha Siddhartha- Associate at Edelweiss Financial Services

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