Blueshift Research & Trading Platform

Blueshift is an all-in-one platform that brings institutional-class infrastructure for investment research, backtesting and algorithmic trading to everyone; anywhere and anytime. It is fast, flexible and reliable. It is also asset-class and trading-style agnostic. Blueshift helps you turn your ideas into investment worthy opportunities.

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SPRING ON ICICI Direct is powered by Blueshift

For Individuals


Event-driven CEP Engine

Highly flexible and bias-free, seamless from research to live trading.


Scalable platform with comprehensive APIS and optimized costs.

High Quality Data

Built-in curated, bias-free and fully-adjusted datasets covering multiple asset classes. Available data sets for backtesting: US Equities, Cash (NSE) and F&O (NSE).

Cloud Based

Anytime, anywhere access.

Python interface video

Python interface

For the power users

Python interface video

No-Code interface

For the beginners

List of in-built Strategy templates

Bollinger Band Strategy (Forex)

Cross-Channel Parity (Euro & Pound)

Short Term Reversal (Forex)

Relative Strength Index (RSI) Strategy (Forex)

Short Dollar Basket

Buy and Hold (NSE)

Brokers Supported on Blueshift

Alpaca Securities LLC is a member of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA). You can check the background of Alpaca Securities on FINRA’s BrokerCheck. Alpaca Securities is also a member of SIPC.

Available for: US Equities

Spring by ICICI Direct - a research and trading platform for automated trading. It is designed for researching and executing systematic investment strategies.

Available for: Cash (NSE) and F&O (NSE) Qu@antinsti US 1 AIzaSyBTqDx8A968XnUFwo49VgqIxiGhgL9C40I false