Backtesting & Live Trading

Immersive Learning

EPAT offers an immersive learning experience, allowing you to work with real-market data, backtest your trading ideas, analyze backtesting results, paper trade your strategies in a real-time, risk-free environment before deciding to go live with actual money.

Backtesting in EPAT

Analyze historical data and backtesting strategies using spreadsheets

Learn to analyze historical data, and backtest strategies on Python

Learn different backtesting techniques and the pros and cons of using each of them

Code and backtest strategies on various platforms and using different Python APIs

Brokers & Free Real-Market Data available on Blueshift


Alpaca Securities LLC is a member of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA). You can check the background of Alpaca Securities on FINRA’s BrokerCheck. Alpaca Securities is also a member of SIPC.

Available for: US Equities


Spring by ICICI Direct - a research and trading platform for automated trading. It is designed for researching and executing systematic investment strategies.

Available for: Cash (NSE) and F&O (NSE)

Paper Trading

Gain practical experience in a live trading environment.

Learn to adapt to market changes and manage trades effectively.

Develop confidence in your trading strategies before risking actual capital.

Alpaca offers a paper-trading environment for the US Equities market on Blueshift.

Live Trading

The EPAT curriculum demonstrates live market trading using:

Interactive Brokers Python API


Cloud computing using AWS

Blueshift, QuantInsti's trading platform

Experience live trading with EPAT's cutting-edge tools.

Angel One
ICICI Direct
IG Markets
IIFL Securities
Interactive Brokers
Kotak Securities
Saxo Bank
TD Ameritrade
Trade Smart

Access to Real Market Data

Wide Range of Markets

Dive into data from various markets including stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

Real Time Data

Get your hands on real-time data to make timely and informed trading decisions.

Historical Data

Analyze years of historical market data to understand long-term trends and market cycles.

Data Sources

Partnered with leading data providers, access accurate and comprehensive market information.

Market Data Vendors

Real market data across multiple asset classes and geographies is offered to our users for free.

Quandl Sharadar

Python APIs covered in EPAT that help in fetching real market data:

Nasdaq Data Link

Yahoo Finance

Interactive Brokers API


Why is it essential to work with real-market data?

Develop a deep understanding of market dynamics.

Learn to perform thorough market analysis using a rich dataset.

Enhance your trading strategies with insights drawn from a broad spectrum of market data.

Empower Your Trading Decisions: With our extensive market data, you're not just learning to trade, you're learning to make well-informed, data-driven trading decisions.

Find Funds for Your Trading Venture

QuantInsti has partnered with a global fund, with offices across Asia Pacific & MENA region, to fund EPATians (with Certificates of Excellence) who have promising trading strategies. The preference is for the US and UK markets, but other global markets may be considered depending on the strategy. No discretionary strategies, only systematic trading strategies are considered

Guidance in Setting Up Your Trading Desk

30% of EPATians join EPAT with the dream of setting up their own desk. Many of them have already succeeded and plenty are on their way to start their own business. One of the core modules of EPAT covers unique/mystic/cryptic knowledge required to start your Algo trading business. This content is delivered by successful entrepreneurs who have worked on multiple geographies and business environments.


Build a trading desk tailored to your needs.

Avail one to one guidance to discuss your doubts and concerns regarding business

Ensure you have the right tools, knowledge, skills and environment for effective trading.

Create a professional space that fosters focus and efficiency.

You will have proficient knowledge and understanding of:

System Architecture of an automated trading system

Infrastructure (hardware, physical, network, etc.) requirements

Understanding the business environment (including regulatory environment, financials, business insights, etc.) for setting up an Algorithmic Trading desk

Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison

Quant Trader, United States

EPAT was a game-changer for enhancing my investment advisory setup

EPAT has been a game-changer for my Algo Trading desk setup. To enhance by trading, I enrolled in the programme, and wasn’t disappointed! Along with covering key topics like Statistics, Python Programming, Machine Learning, and Trading Infrastructure in depth, QuantInsti’s personalised support played a vital role. Overall, EPAT was a transformative step I took towards improving my algo trading desk.

David U. Ordiz

David U. Ordiz

Founder of Cuantitativa, Spain

EPAT played a crucial role in enhancing my trading venture

EPAT stands out for its excellent professors and well-balanced curriculum, making it essential for both aspiring and experienced algorithmic traders. The high-quality content aligns well with current industry demands. If I’d completed EPAT 15 years ago, it’d have sped up the progress of my trading business.

Connect with alumni who have successfully set up their trading desks.

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