Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading

For Working Professionals & Aspirants

Join our 6-month course with weekend-only lectures carefully curated for traders, engineers, and financial market aspirants.

With 120+ hours of online live lectures and 150+ hours of recorded material, the course provides an in-depth foundation for those looking to establish their own trading desk, elevate their trading strategies, or secure positions within leading financial institutions.

For Working Professionals & Aspirants
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Industry-Leading Curriculum joins AI revolution

Gain access to the most comprehensive quant trading curriculum in the industry, with a dedicated focus on practical learning and implementation. The curriculum has proven beneficial to a diverse range of learners, including industry veterans with over 50 years of experience as well as recent college graduates.

The topics range from algorithmic trading, quantitative trading, and high frequency trading to machine learning and strategy optimization. Amidst the AI-driven landscape, our curriculum shines as a beacon of innovation, constantly evolving and infused with state-of-the-art technological advancements.

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Placement Support

With over 350+ hiring partners across 20+ countries and lifelong placement support, we ensure that you're never alone in your journey during & after the course.

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World-Class Faculty

Learn from over 20+ faculty experts and biggest names in Algorithmic Trading, ensuring highest-quality and real world knowledge.

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World Class Faculty


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Shaping Successful Career in Algo Trading

Jonathan Mathews

Chief Investment Officer, Clim8, United States

These six months (of EPAT) really opened my eyes to all the different kind of paths you can take within systematic trading. With EPAT, I was able to expand upon and develop my own strategies further.

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About QuantInsti

Founded By Partners Of iRage, Asia’s Leading Algo Trading Firm

With over 13 years in the industry, QuantInsti is a pioneer in algorithmic trading education. As a sister concern of iRage, one of Asia's leading Algorithmic Trading Proprietary Desks, we deliver top-notch training in algorithmic trading, leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise. With the vision to create an Algorithmic Trading ecosystem, QuantInsti offers edtech and fintech solutions to brokers and institutional clients which are used by them to offer learning and trading applications to their clients.

List of Directors & Advisors


ICICI Securities
Interactive Brokers
NSE Academy
Wall Street Horizon
IIM Lucknow

Past Events

Contributed to events hosted by

Nanyang Technological University
Singapore Management University (SMU)
Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)
Bursa Malaysia
Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT)
Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)
Thailand Future Exchange (TFEX)

Accreditations & Recognitions

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Institute of Banking & Finance Singapore

The Institute of Banking & Finance Singapore

Tech Innovations


State-of-the-art trading platform

QuantInsti’s research, back-testing and trading platform ‘Blueshift’ stands out from other back-testing and live trading platforms available in the market. It is one of the few publicly available platforms which is a comprehensive Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine. Top financial institutions like ICICI Securities, one of India’s top broking firms with 5M+ clients, have adopted Blueshift platform’s to empower their clients.

Only publicly available CEP engine in India

  • Supports multiple markets/assets
  • Empowers you to create any strategy
  • Accurate & advanced backtesting
  • Cloud based, available anywhere anytime
  • Real-time paper and live trading capabilities

Python Interactive Learning Platform

Quantra by QuantInsti is a Python-based interactive learning platform which allows traders to learn new strategies, backtest them and paper/live trade on them all at one place. The strategy paradigms covered on the platform include fundamental, technical, quantitative methods, to deep-learning and ML based strategies.

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How Quantra helps individual traders?

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How is the Quantra platform used by Brokers & institutions for client-retention?


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Hiring Partners

Recent placement resulted in a salary of over Rs. 50+ lakhs in India.

Tower Research
Futures First
Profluent Trading
Global Precious Metals (GPM)
Philip Capital
Ernst & Young
Edelweiss Mutual Fund
ICICI Securities
Max Life Insurance
Reliance Securities

11,000+ QuantInsti Reviews

Parth Shah

Parth Shah

Financial Strategy Analyst at Citi-US, India

Extremely responsive and forthcoming. They actually care about you getting placed in good companies. They go out of their way to suggest and apply for companies, help in profile building. A complete solution for placement is provided.

Marcus Coleman

Marcus Coleman

Vice President | Applied AI/Machine Learning Lead at JP Morgan

QuantInsti is the best place to learn professional algorithmic and quantitative trading. EPAT is a highly structured, hands-on learning experience and it's being updated frequently. The faculty and staff are extremely competent and available to address any concerns you may have. After completing the programme, you will have the necessary tools to begin a career in algorithmic trading.

Rachel Tan

Rachel Tan

Director at Achievers Crest Pvt. Ltd., Singapore

A very good education provider in algorithmic trading. The curriculum is comprehensive and well-rounded. Suitable for working professionals who would like to pursue algorithmic trading as a full-time or secondary income. Support is very responsive and helpful. They are flexible to cater to the demands of busy executives too. Highly recommended.

Algo-Trader Aptitude Test: Are You Ready?

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10 Minutes | 10 Questions

Ready to explore the financial and programming arena in just 10 minutes with questions from Statistics, Financial markets, options and programming?

EPAT Personalised Demo

Want a personalised EPAT demo?

Get a free step-by-step walkthrough of EPAT. Engage in a comprehensive discussion about the outcomes, tailored to suit your own learning journey.

Webinar Recordings

AI-Powered Trading Workshop 2024

webinar video
webinar video

Apply Machine Learning Strategies in Option Trading

webinar video

Mean Reversion Trading Strategies by Ernest P Chan

webinar video

How to become an Algo Trader

Algo Trading Ebook

FREE Algo Trading ebook (Free)

40,000+ Downloads

Algorithmic Trading: A Rough & Ready Guide

  • Intro to Algorithmic Trading
  • History & Terminology
  • Pros & Cons of Automated Trading
  • How to Create a Robust Trading System.
  • No programming knowledge required.

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