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Money Control logo 13 January, 2020

Algorithmic Trading | Pair trading

This article talks about pair trading for stocks, a statistical arbitrage strategy, which is based on the mean reversion principle. It helps understand how to choose stocks for pair trading, talks about stationary time series and more…

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DSIJ logo 11 November, 2019

Cash flow is King

This article highlights the importance of focusing on cash flows from operation, explains how the higher cash flows from operations translate into higher profits, & how it would reward investors eventually…

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Forbes India logo 08 November, 2019

Is sentiment important in your trading or investment decisions?

This article explains in depth how incorporating sentiment information has its own challenges, and how traders and investors need to be wary of false positives…

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FounderIndia logo 08 September, 2019

Future of Trading

Given the speed at which transactions take place, algorithmic trading increases liquidity. For exchanges to stay competitive, continuous innovation is a must…

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MoneyControl logo 06 September, 2019

Algorithmic Trading | Momentum trading

In the previous article of this series, you learnt the different types of execution strategies as well as their approaches. After reading this article, you will be able to trade…

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ET Prime logo 06 September, 2019

Today both bulls and bears need python

Traders who entered the ring around the turn of the century have witnessed how technology has taken over stock markets. From the obscure era of open outcry to writing…

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