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Business Standard logo 07 July, 2022

IIM Lucknow and QuantInsti to Launch Data Science in Finance Course for Professionals

IIM Lucknow and QuantInsti to Launch Data Science in Finance Course for Professionals

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Edugraph logo 21 March, 2022

Bitbns partners with QuantInsti to launch Bitbns Academy

Bitbns and QuantInsti launch Bitbns academy - a dedicated online education platform, for the users of the Bitbns platform who will be able to access a multitude of certificate courses on Cryptocurrency…

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News 18 logo 19 January, 2022

JAGSoM and QuantInsti Launch PG Diploma

JAGSoM and QuantInsti have collaborated to present a comprehensive PG Diploma in Capital Market Management for students and working professionals aspiring to jumpstart their careers…

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Money Control logo 13 January, 2020

Algorithmic Trading | Pair trading

This article talks about pair trading for stocks, a statistical arbitrage strategy, which is based on the mean reversion principle. It helps understand how to choose stocks for pair trading, talks about stationary time series and more…

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DSIJ logo 11 November, 2019

Cash flow is King

This article highlights the importance of focusing on cash flows from operation, explains how the higher cash flows from operations translate into higher profits, & how it would reward investors eventually…

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Forbes India logo 08 November, 2019

Is sentiment important in your trading or investment decisions?

This article explains in depth how incorporating sentiment information has its own challenges, and how traders and investors need to be wary of false positives…

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FounderIndia logo 08 September, 2019

Future of Trading

Given the speed at which transactions take place, algorithmic trading increases liquidity. For exchanges to stay competitive, continuous innovation is a must…

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MoneyControl logo 06 September, 2019

Algorithmic Trading | Momentum trading

In the previous article of this series, you learnt the different types of execution strategies as well as their approaches. After reading this article, you will be able to trade…

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ET Prime logo 06 September, 2019

Today both bulls and bears need python

Traders who entered the ring around the turn of the century have witnessed how technology has taken over stock markets. From the obscure era of open outcry to writing…

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IVM-Podcasts logo 19 August, 2019

PaisaVaisa Podcast: The Algo Trading

It's the 200th episode of Paisa Vaisa!! To mark this milestone host Anupam is joined by Mr. Nitesh Khandelwal, CEO & Co-founder at QuantInsti…

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techcircle logo 16 August, 2019

Making algorithmic trading accessible

Back in the seventies, stock market traders realized they could create complex mathematical equations, input financial values and gain quicker insights to get an edge over…

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Forbes India logo 11 July, 2019

Can bots decipher public sentiment?

Bots can follow news trends but can they decipher news sentiment to make investment decisions? It's a double-edged sword…

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Forbes India logo 28 May, 2019

How to assess Twitter's impact

Social media channels have great potential as a source of alternate data for investors. But they present new challenges as well…

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Money control logo 25 May, 2019

How execution strategies are used

The next article in the series of Algorithmic trading looks at how execution strategies and how they can be used in the financial markets…

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Business today logo 11 May, 2019

Factor investing- smart way of investing

Market theories tell us that returns of any stock can be explained by a set of hidden variables, plus a residual bit unique to that stock…

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Business World logo 07 May, 2019

Interview With Nitesh Khandelwal

Not to give too much weight to the past, things are constantly changing/evolving and what used to or didn’t use to work earlier may not work or may work now…

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Business World logo April 13, 2019

Facts About Algorithmic Trading

In 2008, SEBI permitted automated trading in India. Since then, the number of firms using algorithmic trading has been on the rise, with current estimates putting the figure at 50%…

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Financial Express logo 25 March, 2019

Machine learning reduces trading costs

Machine Learning and Data Analytics are making trading much more efficient. Together, they complement each other and act as catalysts towards improved ability…

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Money Control logo 15 March, 2019

Here's how to automate your algorithmic

If you've been trading, it would be beneficial to transform your strategy into an easily programmable rule-based strategy or into a well-researched and tested quantitative…

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Reddif logo 25 February, 2019

Want to become ace stock market trader?

To become an algorithmic trader, you need three things: Knowledge of financial markets, quantitative skills, and coding skills, suggests Nitesh Khandelwal…

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Business Standard logo 17 February, 2019

Algorithmic trading a 'prerequisite'

With technology, data sciences and automated trading beginning to play a big role, this skill is fast becoming a prerequisite…

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Money Control logo 04 February, 2019

These skills will help you master

As we observed in the previous article of this series, the global algorithmic trading market is growing rapidly, leading to a rising need for individuals skilled for it…

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Business Wire logo 18 January, 2019

WorldQuant & QuantInsti Partnership

WorldQuant, the global quantitative asset management firm, and QuantInsti, the algorithmic trading research and training institute, today announced a new hiring partnership…

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Money Control logo 10 January, 2019

What is algorithmic trading?

In this Moneycontrol podcast, we dig deeper into how you can get into algorithmic trading, what qualifications you need to have, and what bear traps you need to be aware of&AudioProcessingEvent;

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Money Control logo 07 January, 2019

All you need to know about algorithmic trading

Algorithmic Trading involves building and implementing trading strategies using computer codes and programming…

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Tech Observer logo 26 December, 2018

Algorithmic trading to gain significant ground

80% of daily trading volumes in the U.S.A is done by machines, says a CNBC report. Unbelievable? It’s a fact. This is the reality of trading today. How? Algorithms…

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PC_Quest logo 19 December, 2018

How is Machine Learning Used In Market?

We have all seen that when we upload a picture on social media, we get a prompt to tag the user in the photo.The remarkable thing is that it has correctly identified the person too…

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EntrepreneurIndia logo 06 November, 2018

Setting up Algorithmic Trading Desk

Algorithmic trading has dawned in on a new age that is giving power to individual traders to trade skillfully using the power of maths…

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ET-Markets logo 15 October, 2018

Slow & steady, algo trading takes up

Algorithmic trading, a gift of technological advancement to the stock market, is catching up fast with Indian traders and investors…

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Business-World logo 13 October, 2018

3 Myths About Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic Trading is often confused with similar concepts and terminologies like quantitative trading, HFT and Automated trading, here are few of them that everyone needs…

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Business-World logo 16 September, 2018

A Beginners Guide To Algorithmic Trading

Giants like Citibank have started training their employees in the programming language Python. A move to train employees in programming to improve their overall banking operations…

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Silicon-India logo 06 September, 2018

The Essence of Algo Trading

"India is now one of the fastest growing emerging markets and so is the population that has access to the financial institutions" says, Nitesh Khandelwal…

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DSIJ logo 30 August, 2018

How To Catch A Falling Knife

Investors are always advised that they should never try to catch a falling knife. Tanay Loya and Yogesh Supekar explain why catching a falling knife deftly can be highly profitable…

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Business-standard logo 30 July, 2018

Online interactive courses on AI in trading

While the whole world is talking about machines taking over the financial markets, QuantInsti is busy prepping the next generation of algorithmic and quantitative traders…

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Financial Express logo 08 May, 2018

Share of Algorithmic trading grows

Algorithmic trading in India across the cash and derivatives market as a percentage of total turnover has increased up to 49.8% in eight years from merely 9.26% (average) in 2010…

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fx algo news logo 01 May, 2018

FX Algos set to proliferate

A new report from Greenwich Associates has found that approximately 20% of institutional foreign exchange trading volume is now executed via algos…

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ANI logo 07 November, 2017

Power of technology to shape future of trading

Professionals endowed with the traditional set of skills are discovering that they will have to quickly learn a new set of skills to stay relevant and competitive…

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Yourstory logo 01 March, 2017

Growing Trend in Algo Trading

Algorithmic Trading is widely recognized as one of the fastest moving bandwagons in the capital markets…

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