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Aayushi Shah
Hi, I'm Aayushi

Very grateful that the placement team helped me land a job post EPAT®. Tremendous support from the Alumni team and lifelong course content access, both are a boon for me.

Aayushi Shah
EPAT®, 2017
Ravi Bhoskar
Hi, I'm Ravi

EPAT® career cell has helped me land a job. I truly appreciate the initiative!

Ravi Bhoskar
EPAT®, 2017

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How we prepare you for quant & trading roles?

quantitative analyst

quantitative analyst

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

algo & quant trader

algo & quant trader

HFT trader

HFT trader

python developer

python developer

I want to join this fast paced industry

I want to join this fast faced industry

career opportunities

Sr. No.Career OpportunitiesDomainSalary Range
1Trading Strategist (HFT/MFT/LFT)Trading 2,500,000 -  5,000,000
2Senior Quant StrategistTrading 2,000,000 -  2,500,000
3HFT TraderTrading 1,500,000 -  2,500,000
4Quant AnalystTrading 1,500,000 -  2,000,000
5AVP Risk Methodology - Credit Risk AnalyticsRisk and Analytics 1,500,000 -  2,500,000
6Data ScientistResearch 1,500,000 -  2,000,000
7Quant ResearcherResearch 1,000,000 -  1,500,000
8Senior Associate – Algo SalesSales 1,000,000 -  1,500,000
9Quantitative Research AnalystResearch 800,000 -  1,500,000
10Algo DealerDealer 800,000 -  1,200,000

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Types of jobs in quant and algo industry
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