We would like to thank all our course and workshop participants who have encouraged us with their kind and motivating words. Here, we share a few reviews written by our students over the last few years about our online trading courses. At QuantInsti, we stay in touch with our alumni to be able to share and exchange information regarding latest developments in the field of Algorithmic Trading. Our placement assistance cell continues to give its services to the alumni long after the completion of the programme.

If you are an alumni and wish to share your experience here, please write to us at alumni.cell@quantinsti.com with your review. Alternatively, if you wish to apply for placement assistance, please fill the Career Assistance Form and we will get back to you soon!

Aris Skliros
Aris SklirosAssociate at Morgan Stanley, Hungary

Education: Master of Financial Engineering from University of California-Berkeley, Haas School of Business Berkeley, CA, USA.

"At Quantinsti, I learnt to develop quantitative strategies which can be used in Algorithmic & High Frequency trading. The faculty at Quantinsti is highly knowledgable. The insights which they bring into classroom from their experience as consultants are very valuable and make each lesson very effective. The online learning experience was quite good give me the flexibility for viewing the recordings of missed lectures. The team at Quantinsti is quite dedicated to learning and keeps in touch with you long after the course is over to update you with new learning sessions and additions in the program. All the lectures were amazing and I would recommend the program to anyone who wishes to build a career in this domain."

    Kunal dave
    Kunal daveNon-institutional Algorithmic Trading Desk, Phillip Capital
      Dr. Panashe Chiurunge
      Dr. Panashe ChiurungeFounder, Chengetedzai Central Securities Depository, Harare, Zimbabwe

      Education: Masters of Quantitative Finance from University of London, UK.

      "I am starting an Algorithmic and High-Frequency desk later on, so for me the best (part) was to get the actual experience and the knowledge on how to implement the strategies that would be useful on my own desks. In this program, you learn from the basics to advanced statistics. It is an amazing experience because you learn to work on the advanced trading platform which is used by many trading desks. The faculty is very helpful and interactive and quite fast in replying to your doubts. The course is value for money keeping in mind the practical side of the course - you become a highly effective Algo trader. (I) would recommend (this course) to anyone who wants to be an Algorithmic trader."

        Tanneru Sridhar
        Tanneru SridharAnalyst at Edeilweiss
          Marco Nicolás Dibo
          Marco Nicolás DiboCEO at Quanticko Trading S.A, Argentina

          Education: Master of Banking, Corporate, Finance and Securities Law from Universidad de San Andres, Argentina.

          "First and foremost I am very happy with the support provided by the administration team. Faculty is greatly committed at resolving queries. Due to time difference of where I live, this course has an amazing facility of recording and viewing videos of the lecture, so I do not miss any lecture. Adding to this I can go back at any lecture any time and revisit its content. Having worked at one of the leading brokerage houses, I would certainly want to get into algorithmic trading and this is where QuantInsti’s EPAT course will help me."

            Sunil Gunturi
            Sunil GunturiTechnical Analyst
              Noureddine Taleb
              Noureddine TalebQuantitative Analyst at OTCex, Paris

              Education: London School of Economics and Political Science, London.

              "This program is really a game changer for me. When i started it i didn't even correctly knew what a limit order is.The practical aspects of it and the material is excellent. I couldn't assist to most of the classes because of the timetable as the time lag between London and Mumbai is of 5 hours which makes the class start on 5 in the morning on a Saturday and Sunday in London.But the recordings are excellent and complete. So i didn't really felt that it was a problem for me.I am really grateful to the institute for the quality of the course and the hard work they put to make it such a great experience."

                Roshan D'Almeida
                Roshan D'AlmeidaRisk Manager - KIFS Securities
                  Gopinath Ramkumar
                  Gopinath RamkumarFinancial Engineer at Futures Business Development, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

                  Education: Masters of Quantitative Finance from Manchester Business School, UK.

                  "I owe it to QuantInsti to give me a kick start into the career of Quant & Algo trading. The faculty and entire team helped me at every step including placements! I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be in the banking & securities industry in future times!"

                    Balakrishnan Ilango
                    Balakrishnan IlangoSenior Sales Manager, Business Intelligence & Exalytics at Oracle, Mumbai

                    Education: Management in Business Finance (MBF), Economics, Finance & Investments from Indian Institute of Finance.

                    "It was wonderful experience; we learned a lot of new concepts in the system. I knew some of Algo but now it is quite good. It was very good to have excellent fellow mates and poking lots of questions on different dimensions and it was a wonderful journey."

                      Vikash Bairoliya
                      Vikash BairoliyaSr. Strategist - FX & Rates at Edelweiss, Mumbai

                      Education: MBA in Financial Markets from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.

                      "The algo trading course at Quantinsti delivered a holistic framework to quantitative modeling and trading. The faculty was always open to discuss ideas put forward by a candidate. Moreover, the small batch size and excellent peer group were other positives."

                        Dhruv Rastogi
                        Dhruv RastogiAlgorithmic Equity Trader, DE Shaw

                        Education: Masters of Technology in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

                        "The Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading' at QuantInsti gave me a solid understanding of the theory as well the standard industry practices today in this field. QI has an excellent faculty with a rich and diversified industry experience. Besides in-depth course content, the friendly attitude, support and guidance from the QI team makes it a wonderful place to be a part of. Small batch sizes ensure in-depth discussions and hands on lab sessions on world class algorithmic trading platforms gives a thorough grip in this exciting field."

                          Ravi Bhoskar
                          Ravi BhoskarSoftware Developer at Grace Strategies Pvt Ltd, Nagpur

                          Education: Master of Computer Science from Nagpur Universtity, Nagpur.

                          "I truly appreciate your initiative of placement cell. It gives clear idea about what is required in market to a naive candidate like me. Speaking about EPAT, the first thing it has given me is the confidence to trade and a feeling that, algorithmic trading is a possible thing to do. Secondly, as I was new to trading, every lecture in EPAT told me what to study for better trading. The lectures were very informative and interactive. The lectures also includes all the areas of subject and focuses on each of those. All in all I think the course is worth of its fees. I wish all the success to team Quantinsti."

                            Abhishek Tanksali
                            Abhishek TanksaliData Analytics at Culture Machine, Mumbai

                            Education: MBA in Finance from Welignkar Institute of Management, Mumbai.

                            "QuantInsti EPAT is the turning point for me in my career. Course syllabus is very comprehensive covering all three aspects namely software technology, Advance statistics and algo trading finance concepts in detail. Biggest plus point is that all faculties are expert in respective topics they teach. Notes are also good. All admin people are very particular and responsive about all queries I had. I am really optimistic about QuantInsti and want to stay attached to it throughout my life."

                              Prashant Bisht
                              Prashant BishtPartner at Arcadia Share and Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd, Mumbai

                              Education: Masters of Management Studies in Finance from N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai

                              "This course is for anyone who is interested in benefiting from trading in stock market. It gives a direction and it is up to us to follow and find a profitable opportunity. I am very glad I attempted this course and look forward to continuing support from QuantInsti in my journey in finance and Stock Market Trading."

                                Aman Kumar Saxena
                                Aman Kumar SaxenaSenior Associate at Nomura, Mumbai

                                Education: Masters in Financial Engineering, Nayang Technological University in Singapore.

                                "Classes were concise & to the point & varied example from real life has been illustrated in commendable manner. I got good insight into Algo-trading stuff & would like to get back to respective mentors for consultation as & when required."

                                  Gopal Krishna Varshney
                                  Gopal Krishna VarshneyManager, HFT in New Delhi

                                  Education: Bachelors of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

                                  "Course was Insightful and one of its own kind. There is practical need of the course like that. Much of the content is covered."

                                    Allwyn Almeida
                                    Allwyn AlmeidaSenior Business Analyst at NSE.IT, Mumbai

                                    Education: Post Graduate Program in Acturial Science (Quantitative Finance and Risk management) from SNDT University through DS Acturial Science, Mumbai.

                                    "I had a great time in QI learning Algorithmic trading. The course covers different domains of Trading and Technology. I also made a good deal when I used my strategies in practice."

                                      Rishi Agrawal
                                      Rishi AgrawalAssistant Manager, Analytics at HT Media Ltd, Gurgaon

                                      Education: Masters of Technology in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai.

                                      "For a beginner like me the learning experience is infinite compared to what I knew 4 months ago. Faculty is really expert and very good in interaction."

                                        Hiren Mewada
                                        Hiren MewadaDirector at Just Multiply Financial Services Pvt Ltd

                                        Education: Bachelor in Management Studies, Mumbai University.

                                        "Excellent course and I myself really came to know more about Algo trading, algorithms and HFT."

                                          Devesh Mantani
                                          Devesh MantaniAlgo Trader at Edelweiss Financial Services, Mumbai

                                          Education: Bachelor Of Engineering in IT from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Mumbai.

                                          "The course has been very useful. It has helped us build 3 new strategies at our end."

                                            Kushal Agarwal
                                            Kushal AgarwalDirector at Ergon LED, Kolkata

                                            Education: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from BITS, Pilani.

                                            "Worth my time and money. Would surely recommend to friends and colleagues."

                                              Sunil Malik
                                              Sunil MalikSenior Manager, Sales at WinWinD Power, Delhi

                                              Education: Post Graduate Program in Financial Engineering and Risk Management from National Institute of Securities Markets, Mumbai.

                                              "The course provided a platform to build individual expertise in core areas of quantitative/algo trading."