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POC 2015 BMD Workshop, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Algorithmic Trading Workshop 2014, Bangkok

Stock Exchange of Thailand

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High-Frequency Trading Workshop 2011, Mumbai

with Thomson Reuters

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Behavioural Models & Sentiment Analysis

4th Annual Conference 2014, London

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Workshop on Algorithmic and Automated Trading

Finbridge 2015, Mumbai

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FIX Conference 2013, Mumbai

Automated Trading Events, Workshops and Webinars

We have a unique mix of in-house faculty members from the industry who are day-to-day traders. With stellar academic backgrounds our faculty members are frequently invited at various global conferences, workshops and seminars on algorithmic and high-frequency trading. We often hold webinars to educate the masses with latest updates and strategies in algorithmic trading. With such a robust faculty, we are able to bridge the gap between recent and cutting edge research and its application in the HFT scenario.

Upcoming Events

[WEBINAR] Can we use mixture models to predict market bottoms?

Tuesday 25th Apr, 8:30 AM MST | 8:00 PM IST

 Mixture Models to Predict Market Bottoms

The webinar will explain Mixture Models and explore its application to predict an asset’s return distribution and identify outlier returns that are likely to mean revert.

The webinar will cover

  • Why bother? Motivating experimentation with Mixture Models
  • How do Mixture Models work? (An intuitive explanation)
  • Designing the Research Experiment (How do we answer the original question?)
  • Define the strategy
  • Evaluate the strategy
  • Conclusions
  • Further Areas to Explore
  • Resources

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