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QuantInsti has a dedicated Placement and Corporate Relations Cell. Quantinsti provides its placement partners the techno-quant mix talent who have been trained by Algo traders and practitioners.

Automated trading requires an optimum mix of both technologies as well as financial market acumen which is a challenge for the existing talent in the industry. This is the reason why many companies in India are unable to find the right resources for their technology is driven financial markets and Quant teams. That is where QuantInsti, the leading institute for Algorithmic Trading, can assist you.

QuantInsti students come from rich and varied educational and professional backgrounds. We have had Post-Doctoral candidates and third year University Students.

Why you should partner with QuantInsti

  • Algo Specialization

Over the last 8 years, QI’s Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading- EPAT™, has seen over hundreds of participants from over 30 countries and successfully completing their training in Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading. Candidates for EPAT™ are working professionals and students with rich experience and interest in Financial Markets, Financial technology development, and Quantitative Finance.

  •  Non-commission structure

We work as a team instead of competing for commissions. We do not charge anything for our placement services to corporates.

  • Authenticity of Profiles

The profiles of candidates provided by us are 100% authentic and certified. We double check credentials of our candidates by completing background verification and reference check from our end.

Get the right talent for your team

Our Associates

QuantInsti Candidates Profile

QuantInsti students come from rich and varied educational and professional backgrounds. We have had Post Doctoral candidates and third year University Students. We have had Managing Directors and first year working professionals.

Most of our students are graduates from the best engineering and sciences colleges in the world. A major chunk of students are also from commerce and accountancy background. We have alumni from few international schools such as Haas Business School, Berkeley; Wharton University, Georgia State University, State University of New York, London School of Economics, Cornell University and from countries France, London, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Argentina among others.

A snapshot of alumni and professional background is given below:

Alumni Academic Background

Academic Background

Alumni Industry Background

Industry Background

EPAT™ for Corporates

The training programs at QuantInsti are specially designed keeping in mind the niche demands of the firms. Along with EPAT™, we also conduct 3 to 4 sessions (10-12 hours) dedicated and customized as per company’s requirements.  

The training programs are customized keeping in mind convenience in terms of topics, duration, and faculty. These are carried out across India and globally in all kinds of organizations; from small size firms to large corporates.

Our Collaborations (Workshops/Seminars Conducted)

  • Management Development Program with NSE :  NSE in association with QuantInsti presented a comprehensive workshop on Algorithmic Trading for analysts, dealers, traders, consultants, and other market practitioners as part of their Management Development Program (MDP).
  • Unicom UK Workshop on “Behavioural Models & Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance” : This conference was organized by UNICOM and Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Quantinsti Founder and Director, Mr. Rajib Borah, was the speaker for the event. The programme focused on the application of Sentiment Analysis to the respective models of trading, fund management and risk control.
  • Conference on Options Trading Techniques at Thailand Futures Exchange : Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX), FlexTrade & QuantInsti conducted a conference on Option Trading Techniques in Bangkok, Thailand. Aimed at familiarizing traders with the newly growing options segment in Thailand, the conference discussed about Options Market, Risk Management for Options Trading, and various types of trading strategies that can be implemented through Options.
  • Seminar on Next Generation Quantitative Trading Strategies with Goldman Sachs : The event was focused on spreading awareness among traders, investors and wealth managers about new developments in the trading technologies and strategies using news and market microstructure.
  • In Collaboration with Thomson Reuters “Demystifying Algorithmic Trading” : Quantinsti and Thomson Reuters South Asia had successfully conducted a one-day workshop on ‘Algorithmic and High-frequency Trading’ for leading international and domestic financial institutions and brokerages on the sell-side in the Indian Capital Markets. The event generated a strong positive response from the participants which involved trading & technology professionals from international & domestic trading and brokerage firms as well as the exchanges.


Samir Doshi

Samir Doshi
Senior Vice President
Edelweiss Financial Services

“Seminar was very informative for our teams. Seminar covered all aspects of Algorithmic trading and all the topics were discussed in details.”

Alok Chaturvedi

Alok Chaturvedi
Algo Trading
Edelweiss Financial Services

“I learn a lot of things in the workshop conducted by QuantInsti.I am working from last 4 years approximate in the same domain and approximate every level including Exchange infrastructure, Algo Platform Architecture, Strategy coding, Strategy Backtest and all, And this workshop was complete package in very less time.”