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In today’s scenario, the global demand for accurate quantitative analysis is rising exponentially, and there is a need for well-groomed quants. There are jobs, but not enough suitable candidates.
QuantInsti makes sure that every individual who completes EPAT successfully is groomed to such an extent that they can match up with industry expectations for decades to come.

After the successful completion of EPAT from QuantInsti, our Placement cell will assist you in finding the right job for you according to your specialization and core strengths. We will also ensure that you will have a recognized growth in your career, and for this, we go a step further and help build the core strengths in you.

Our Placement cell’s role is to work with you to facilitate a successful match for your profile.

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Our Placement Associates

Algorithmic Trading


A third of all EU and US stock trades in 2006 were driven by automatic programs or algorithms, according to Boston based consulting group from Aite Group LLC.By 2010,that figure will reach 50 percent according to Aite.

In 2006 the London Stock Exchange,over 40% of all orders were entered by Algo Traders, with 60% predicted for 2007.

Current stock market has reached to the stage where the human intervention is completely erased by the algorithmic trading. 70% of trades in US are program driven trades and in Europe it is approx. 40%. In India, one third of the exchange trades are done through algorithmic trading in both the segments.

Job Profiles

  1. Research Associate/Analyst
  2. Analyst-Equity & Derivatives
  3. Algo Risk Manager
  4. Risk Analyst
  5. Head-Trading Technology
  6. Algo Software Developer
  7. Quant Algo Developer
  8. Algorithms Analyst

Types of companies

  1. Broking Firms
  2. High Frequency Trading Firms
  3. Technology Firms
  4. Financial Institutions

Quantitative Finance


Quantitative analytics have always been a front-runner of financial innovation and a key facilitator of new product development. But today, the demand for accurate quantitative analysis across the entire industry is steadily rising.

Quantitative analytics in the financial sector has always been a front-runner of financial innovation and a key facilitator of new product development – by turning ideas into realistic postulates, workable models and profitable solutions. However, with the financial industry at a crossroads, and future business models/direction still unclear, the standing of quantitative analytics in the financial services industry also is changing.

Job Profiles

  1. Quantitative Financial Analyst
  2. Quant Researcher
  3. Quant Traders
  4. Quant Scientists
  5. Quant Data Analyst
  6. Quant-Portfolio Optimisation
  7. Quant Programmers
  8. Statistical Arbitrage-Quant Analyst
  9. Sr. Quantitative Analyst
  10. Equity Systematic-Quant
  11. Quant Developer

Types of companies

  1. Quant Hedge Funds
  2. Wealth Management Quantitative Firm
  3. Prop Trading Firms
  4. Investment Banks

Treasury Management


The continued economic instability and a tsunami of banking regulation over recent years has brought much change and challenge to the financial services industry. Against the backdrop of constantly changing local and regional regulations (which are not always harmonised), and ever growing political attention, the pace and scale of these developments has arguably changed the foundation of modern banking institutions.

It can be argued that change initiated by the financial crisis has brought to the forefront previously forgotten divisions within financial institutions. None more so than Treasury.

Job Profiles

  1. Treasury Dealer
  2. Associate-Treasury Group
  3. Treasurer
  4. Treasury Risk Manager
  5. Regional Head,Treasury
  6. Manager,Treasury Ops
  7. AVP-Treasury(ALM)
  8. Director-Treasury
  9. Treasury Officer
  10. Treasury Consultant
  11. Chief Dealer-Rupee Treasury
  12. Head-ALM
  13. DGM Treasury
  14. President & Country Head-ALM

Types of companies

  1. Banks
  2. Financial Institutions

Algorithmic trading in India

Algo trading started in India in 2005. But it was only in 2008, after the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) allowed Direct Market Access, or electronic interaction with the order books of exchanges, that this facility started gaining wide acceptance.

Today, around 16 to 17 per cent of trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange is algorithmic, with about 80 to 90 companies engaged in it.

The Indian market is very big for Algorithmic Trading. Taking figures from the World Federation of Stock Exchanges , the Indian market, in dollar value, may still be relatively modest – it’s the 10th largest. However, when you look at the number of trades, India’s the 3rd largest market, only beaten by the US and China.

By pursuing EPAT from Quantinsti, lot of opportunities would open in Algorithmic and Quantitative trading industry.

Getting Placed through Us

QuantInsti has tie-ups with most of the quant and algo trading firms in India. The highly valuable skill sets that we offer through our flagship programme, E-PAT, will make you every recruiter’s no. 1 choice. Throughout the duration of the program and even after that, you will be constantly under the mentorship of our placement experts who will guide you with the process of placement. Besides giving you placement, we also give lifetime support from our end, which is the most unique thing about our Placement Cell.

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Current Job Openings for QI Students

DesignationExperienceLocationJob Description
Java Programmer2-3 yearsMumbaiJava Design pattern, object relational mapping and MYSQL Databases
HFT Trader2- 5 yearsMumbaiResearching high-frequency trading strategies by analyzing market microstructure
Equity Branch head 3-4 years Mumbai Leading a Sales team of relationship managers and generating revenue through your team across all the products
Equity Sales 0-3 years Mumbai To open accounts by acquisition of new client and generate brokerage to justify CTC
Research Analyst 3-5 years Mumbai Prepare research reports,conduct in-depth analysis of company financial, develop and manage financial models.
RM Sales 2-3 years Mumbai To accomplish account opening targets, set by the superiors and accomplishing brokerage targets
Quant Research Analyst 2-5 years Mumbai Develop & maintain systematic trading models, Ad-hoc quantitative analysis to support derivatives trading team, trading Algorithmic development and Econometric analysis
Quant Analyst 3-5 years Mumbai Good understanding of across a broad array of products used in Markets like Swaps, Options and other Derivatives, as well as equity as an asset class
Quant Developer/Programmer 2-3 years Mumbai A substantial amount of coding is necessary on a daily basis in order to programmatically analyze, test, and implement strategies.
Quant Analyst 3-5 years Delhi  Working for Algorithmic Solutions team, which is mandated with the research and development of the algorithmic trading products, tools and analytics.
Quant / Algo Trader 0-5 years Delhi  Implementing complex trading techniques in Electronic Trading Environment and to identify, model and back test trading opportunities/strategies
Quant Research Analyst 2-3 years Mumbai Designing and Implementing models/ method/products in the legacy software, develop & maintain systematic trading models
Algo Product Head 3-5 years Mumbai To develop the Algorithmic trading Product and to set up the whole Algo Infrastructure software and Hardware.
Head Algo Risk 5+ years Mumbai To control various Risks which come out of Algo trading like Technology Risk, Network related Risk, Malfunctioning Risk, Financial Risk etc.
Low/Medium Frequency Algorithmic Trading Trader 0-3 years Delhi Developing Low or Medium Algorithmic Trading Strategies and coding of Algo Strategies