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We have a unique mix of in-house faculty members and partners across the industry who are day-to-day practitioners. We often hold webinars to educate the masses with the latest updates, industry developments, trading strategies and platforms. With these insightful online sessions, we are able to bridge the gap between recent and cutting edge research and its application in the quantitative and algorithmic trading.

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[WEBINAR] Manage Complex Option Portfolios: Simplifying Option Greeks

Date and time: Monday, August 7, 2017 10:00am (New York)  7:30pm (Mumbai)

Session Outline:

  • How to trade and manage option portfolios spanning multiple instruments
  • A deeper look at Delta, Gamma, and their behavior – how different market characteristics affect these Greeks.
  • Introduction and simplification of higher order Greeks: Vanna, Charm, Color, Speed, and Zomma.

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