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  • We are one of the pioneer fraternities in Algorithmic Trading worldwide
  • More than 1500+ professionals trained across 25+ countries
  • Participants placed at leading financial and algorithmic trading companies and universities
  • Our faculty is invited to share their knowledge at international conferences, academic institutions and events
  • Knowledge imparted through cutting-edge technology – Online programme delivery
  • Preferred Indian partners for companies like CQF, BTRM and Unicom Learning

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading, i.e. trading or execution of shares, commodities, etc without any human intervention, is one of the most recent developments in the Indian financial markets.

Algorithmic trading uses advanced electronic trading platforms to execute orders automatically which are generated as per the mathematical models in the algorithm.

The wave of innovation in Trading Industry started in terms of online execution started in late 1990s and is still continuning. With availability of Direct Market Access, Low Latency, Multiple Execution Venues, Markets are seeing innovation in all aspects. The reduction in Average Execution Size and increase in volume of trades by High Frequency Trading Systems is on the rise.

Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading

Quantinsti offers a 6-months long comprehensive course ‘EPAT’ in Algorithmic and Quantitative Trading. It is an online live interactive course aimed at working professionals from diverse backgrounds such as trading-brokerage services, Analytics, Quantitative roles, and Programming & IT industry. Salient features of the programme are:

  • 6 month long online course
  • Primary focus on financial technology trends and solutions.
  • Eclectic blend of practical and theoretical know-how.
  • Aimed at all kinds of finance professionals.
  • EPAT certification received by professionals from all 6 continents.

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Aris Skliros
"At Quantinsti, I learnt to develop quantitative strategies which can be used in Algorithmic & High Frequency trading. The faculty at Quantinsti is highly..."
Aris Skliros- Associate at Morgan Stanley, Hungary
Dr. Panashe Chiurunge
"I am starting an Algorithmic and High-Frequency desk later on, so for me the best (part) was to get the actual..."
Dr. Panashe Chiurunge- Founder, Chengetedzai Central Securities Depository, Harare, Zimbabwe
Marco Nicolás Dibo
"First and foremost I am very happy with the support provided by the administration team. Faculty is greatly committed at resolving queries. Due to time..."
Marco Nicolás Dibo- Analyst at Becerra Bursátil S.A, Argentina
Noureddine Taleb
"This programme is really a game changer for me. When i started it i didn't even correctly knew what a limit order is.The practical aspects of it and the material is..."
Noureddine Taleb- Quantitative Analyst at OTCex, Paris
Gopinath Ramkumar
"I owe it to QuantInsti to give me a kick start into the career of Quant & Algo trading. The faculty and entire team helped me at every step including placements!"
Gopinath Ramkumar- Financial Engineer at Futures Business Development, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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