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QuantInsti Quantitative Learning

QuantInsti is one of Asia’s pioneer Algorithmic Trading Research and Training Institute, focused on preparing financial market professionals for the contemporary field of Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading. Headquartered in Mumbai with a subsidiary in Singapore, QI was founded by iRageCapital and a team of Algorithmic Traders and domain experts dedicated to providing practical knowledge to professionals interested in Algorithmic Trading.

Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPATTM)

Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPATTM) is tailor-made for individuals working in, or intending to move into the buy or sell-side of business focusing on derivatives, quantitative trading, electronic market-making or trading related technology and risk management.

The program is built around a fully examined core of three modules:

  • Statistics & Econometrics
  • Algorithmic & Quantitative Trading
  • Financial Computing & Technology

The course covers all aspects of the theory and practice of quantitative tools, products and methods.

The course is a result of QuantInsti Faculty’s several years of experience in trading in financial markets and domain expertise. Its comprehensive, interactive and collaborative learning environment makes it highly-preferred among the beginners as well as seasoned traders.

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Advisory Board

EP Chan

Dr. Ernest P. Chan

Ernie is the author of “Quantitative Trading: How to Build Your Own Algorithmic Trading Business” and “Algorithmic Trading: Winning Strategies and Their Rationale”.

Gautam Mitra

Professor Gautam Mitra

Internationally renowned research scientist in the field of Operational Research in general and computational optimisation and modelling in particular.

QuantInsti Presence

Global Training Programmes & Workshops

“5th Annual Conference: Behavioural Models & Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance”, July 2015 in London.

Rajib invited in the Market Microstructure, Liquidity and Automated Trading Workshop by Fitch Learning, London 2014

“Palm and Lauric Oils Price Outlook Conference & Exhibition (POC)“, March 2015 in Malaysia organized by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives

Nitesh & Rajib invited in the Palm and Lauric Oils Price Outlook Conference & Exhibition (POC) by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives, Kuala Lumper 2015

“Workshop on Algorithmic and Automated Trading”, October 2014 in Bangkok

Rajib and Nitesh invited to speak at “Workshop on Algorithmic and Automated Trading” by Stock Exchange of Thailand and Thailand Futures Exchange, Bangkok 2014

Rajib Ranjan Borah at The Trading Show June 2015 in Chicago organized by Terrapinn

Rajib invited to The Trading Show by Terrapinn, Chicago 2015

Pioneering Algorithmic Trading Education in India

“Management Development Programs (MDP) in Algorithmic Trading”, June 2015 in Mumbai by National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Gaurav invited in Management Development Programs (MDP) in Algorithmic Trading” by National Stock Exchange (NSE), Mumbai 2015

Rajib Ranjan Borah at FINBRIDGE - The Financial Services and Technologies Exhibition, March 2015 in Mumbai

Rajib Ranjan Borah at FINBRIDGE - The Financial Services and Technologies Exhibition, Mumbai 2015

India FIX Conference Mumbai 2013

HFT Panel discussion at India FIX Conference, Mumbai, 2013

Workshop with Thomson Reuters 2011

Workshop with Thomson Reuters on Algorithmic and High-Frequency Trading, Mumbai, 2011

Affiliate Programmes

QuantInsti is territory partner for Professor Moorad Chaudary’s BTRM in Asia-Pacific region along with Unicom learning. QuantInsti is also the Sales and Marketing partner for Fitch Learning’s Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF), created by Dr. Paul Wilmott.

The Certificate of Bank Treasury Risk Management

The Certificate of Bank Treasury Risk Management

BTRM is designed by Prof Moorad Choudhry, a veteran with an experience of 25 years in banking and treasury. He heads the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University.

BTRM is a six-month part-time course designed to empower professionals working in bank risk management and asset-liability management (ALM). It is the only bank treasury qualification and covers treasury, finance and risk and all the aspects of ALM and liquidity management. BTRM believes in empowering students with the most appropriate tools and techniques used in real-world by banks. This gives the students an edge while contributing to an overall enhancement of the individual’s professional qualifications.

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The Certificate in Quantitative Finance by Fitch Learnings

The Certificate in Quantitative Finance by Fitch Learnings

Delivered by Fitch Learning, the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) is a six-month, part-time program providing in-depth training for individuals working in, or intending to move into, derivatives, IT, quantitative trading, risk management, model validation or insurance.

Founded by Dr. Paul Wilmott, the online program is unique in its approach to the field of real-world financial engineering and not only focuses on teaching the practical implementation of quant techniques used in industry, but also the evaluation of models and methods.

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