The Executive Program in Algorithmic Trading – EPAT

Certification that will make you a Successful Quant Professional!

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  • Practical Exposure – Acquire the knowledge, tools & techniques used by traders in the real world
  • E-Learning – Qualify from anywhere in the world, online
  • Expert teaching & support – The EPAT faculty is an acclaimed team of academicians and professionals who are all specialists in the field
  • Placement Assistance – Support for working professionals and students seeking new opportunities as well as to add immediate value to their employers

Our certification program covers all aspects of the theory and practice of quantitative tools, products and methods.

It is built around a fully examined core of three modules

  • Statistics and Econometrics
  • Algorithmic & Quantitative Trading
  • Financial Computing & Technology

Some of the topics covered under these modules include

  • Forecasting using Time-Series Analysis
  • Pairs Trading & Statistical Arbitrage
  • Market Making Strategies
  • Volatility Forecasting & Interpretations
  • Order Book Dynamics
  • Forecasting and AI based Strategies
  • Dispersion Trading
  • Market Microstructure
  • Using Excel, VBA & R for backtesting and optimization
  • Progamming with Python on trading platforms
  • Handling HFT Data using R

EPAT provides hands-on training in designing and implementation of advanced algorithmic trading strategies, using state-of-the-art tools and platforms. You can specialize either in a particular asset class, or trading strategy through project work.

Program Delivery

Duration: 6 months (4 months of course work training + 2 months project work)
Lecture Days: Saturday and Sunday (3 hours each day)

EPAT Faculty

At QuantInsti, our participants get a chance to work and learn under the mentorship of world-renowned faculty that consists of industry leaders such as Dr. Ernest Chan, Dr. Yves Hilpisch, Rajib Ranjan Borah and Nitesh Khandelwal.

In the last five years, we have trained over 1500 professionals across 25 countries. Our alumni network consists of successfully placed individuals and entrepreneurs running their own trading desks or working with global leaders such as Edelweiss, Sharekhan and many others.

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About QuantInsti

QuantInsti is Asia’s pioneer Algorithmic Trading Research and Training Institute, focused on preparing financial market professionals for the contemporary field of Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading. As the global developing financial markets are rapidly evolving like developed markets; we foresee a disruptive change in the emerging markets landscape wherein exchange volumes to the tune of 70% and above will be generated by Algorithmic Trading.

QuantInsti institute developed the curriculum for the Asia’s first Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT) in 2009. As an initiative by financial markets professionals with stellar academic and professional credentials, the program aims to fulfil the pressing demands for highly specialized skill sets of a potentially lucrative domain of Algorithmic Trading

Our Alumni


Aris Skliros
Aris SklirosAssociate at Morgan Stanley, Hungary

Education: Master of Financial Engineering from University of California-Berkeley, Haas School of Business Berkeley, CA, USA.

"The QI faculty is highly informed and the insights they bring into the classroom are extremely valuable and make each lesson more effective. The team at QuantInsti is dedicated to learning and will ensure to keep you updated with new learning sessions and additional information, even after the program. I would highly recommend the program to anyone who wishes to build a career in this domain."

    Dr. Panashe Chiurunge
    Dr. Panashe ChiurungeFounder, Chengetedzai Central Securities Depository, Harare, Zimbabwe

    Education: Masters of Quantitative Finance from University of London, UK.

    "I am starting an Algorithmic and High-Frequency desk later on, so for me the best (part) was to get the actual experience and the knowledge on how to implement the strategies that would be useful on my own desks. In this program, you learn from the basics to advanced statistics. It is an amazing experience because you learn to work on the advanced trading platform which is used by many trading desks. The faculty is very helpful and interactive and quite fast in replying to your doubts. The course is value for money keeping in mind the practical side of the course - you become a highly effective Algo trader. (I) would recommend (this course) to anyone who wants to be an Algorithmic trader."

      Marco Nicolás Dibo
      Marco Nicolás DiboAnalyst at Becerra Bursátil S.A, Argentina

      Education: Master of Banking, Corporate, Finance and Securities Law from Universidad de San Andres, Argentina.

      "First and foremost I am very happy with the support provided by the administration team. The faculty is greatly committed at resolving any queries. The course has an amazing facility of recording and viewing videos of the lecture, that ensures that you do not miss any lecture. Adding to this you can go back at any time to view past lectures. Having worked at one of the leading brokerage houses, I would certainly want to get into algorithmic trading and that is where QuantInsti’s EPAT course has helped me."

        Gopinath Ramkumar
        Gopinath RamkumarFinancial Engineer at Futures Business Development, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

        Education: Masters of Quantitative Finance from Manchester Business School, UK.

        "I owe it to QuantInsti to have given me a kick-start into the career of Quant & Algo trading. The faculty and entire team helped me at every step including placements! I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be in the banking & securities industry."


          About Algorithmic Trading industry

          What is Algorithmic Trading?

          Ans: Algorithmic Trading is a form of trading in stock markets which uses technology and algorithms to trade automatically without human intervention. It is a multi-disciplinary domain including skills and knowledge in quantitative analysis, financial computing tools and financial markets.

          What is the future of Algorithmic Trading?

          Ans: Over the past decade or so, Algorithmic trading has been adapted by various governments and exchanges globally. The market share of Algorithmic trading has been increasing ever since.
          It is expected that markets will become more efficient and exchanges will manage risk better in coming years as the industry adapts more technological advancements.

          Course Content

          What will I learn in the module Statistics & Econometrics?

          Ans: Algorithmic & Quantitative Trading involves building mathematical models on which the trading algorithm relies to generate the trading signals and orders. These mathematical models require Statistics and Econometrics theories and techniques.

          In this module, you will learn from college level to graduate level Statistics from basic topics and implementation in Financial markets to advanced time series analysis.

          There is a primer module on Statistics is made available to students to revise High School level concepts and act as a refresher for this module.

          What will I learn in the module Quantitative Trading Strategies?

          Ans: This module consists of maximum number of lecture and self-study hours. You will learn about various strategy paradigms which are used in Algorithmic Trading. These strategy paradigms include:

          • Trend following strategies
          • Statistical Arbitrage strategies
          • Momentum Based Strategies
          • Execution Strategies
          • Market Making
          • Technical Analysis
          • Statistical Analysis such as GARCH/ARIMA based modelling
          • Options Trading strategies

          You will be exposed to various aspects involved in strategy building including entry-exit and optimization techniques. The faculty members are experts and traders who use these techniques in daily practice and share their knowledge and experience with students, many of whom are traders themselves.

          What will I learn in the module Financial Computing & Technology?

          Ans: Algorithmic Trading is application of cutting technological research in financial markets. You will learn how to automate your strategies, how to quantify your strategy, how to backtest strategies, how to refine and optimize your strategy, how manage big data among other things.

          This module is covered hand-in-hand with the first two modules so that theory is put into practice using data and financial computing tools such as Excel, R, Python.

          Course Benefits

          What will I gain from this program?

          Ans: The course benefits are:

          • Get exposed to the various strategy paradigms which are used globally for Algorithmic trading
          • Automate your trading strategies: Learn the tools & skills required to write and implement the strategies
          • Get trained to start your own Algorithmic Trading: Learn everything related to this field from Networking and Hardware aspect of HFT to Regulatory environment for handling Desk Operations
          • Career Progression to Algorithmic Trading Industry: Benefit from Placement Services at QuantInsti after successful completion of the course
          • Specialize in specific asset class or strategy paradigm by undergoing a project under a faculty member who is an expert in the same domain

          How many people have benefited from this course in the past?

          Ans: Hundreds of course participants from over 25 countries working in different backgrounds such as financial markets, technology, quantitative finance have benefited from the program in various ways. We can provide you with detailed examples at your request!

          What will I be able to do after successful completion of the course?

          Ans: After successful completion of the course, participants would be conceptually comfortable with:

          • Managing High Frequency Data and building econometric models
          • Learn how to back-test, implement and trade advance quantitative strategies
          • Using their programming skills to build low latency trading system
          • Using statistical packages and integrating them to your trading system
          • Understanding of market making, spread optimization, transaction cost analytics and advance risk management
          • Using Option pricing models for running volatility books and make markets
          • Electric blend of practical and theoretical know-how

          Course Requirements

          Who is eligible to take this course?

          Ans: Course participants come from various backgrounds. We invite retail and professional traders to join our program and prepare for the future.

          What are the course requirements?

          Ans: A personal machine with good internet connection is all that is required to get started immediately! As soon as you enrol, you will be provided with learning material to get started in this field.

          Successful students have given 15-20 hours per week to review and complete the course work within a period of 4 months before proceeding to 2 months of project work.

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