Leveraging AI to Build Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Learn how to apply techniques from the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning fields to improve the quantitative strategy development process and maximize your chances of success with every strategy.

Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Trading Industry

Quantitative trading which is currently practiced relies on a human being to develop a mathematical model for identifying trading opportunities. This model gets updated by hand to adapt to new markets or by changing its conditions. In the case of an artificial intelligence while the initial software is developed by humans, the AI itself develops the model and changes it over time.

Why Python Algo Trading is Preferred Choice Among Traders?

To survive in the age of robots-it is necessary to learn a programming language that makes your trading algorithms smarter and not just faster. Having knowledge of a popular programming language is the building block to becoming a professional algorithmic trader. It is not just enough if a person has love for numbers. Professionals need to put the logic using numbers into a software program to perform a successful transaction. Programming languages are an important contributing factor for trading systems.

Are you planning to start your own Algorithmic Trading desk?

Nitesh Khandelwal, Director at iRage Global Advisory Services Pte Ltd in Singapore has a rich and extensive experience in financial markets spanning across various asset classes in different roles. He has worked in global markets and exchanges located in Asia, Europe and North America. Nitesh is also a faculty at QuantInsti for inter-market studies, Arbitrage strategies and business environment.

Nitesh is launching on a podcast with Andrew Swanscott  from BetterSystemTrader and you are welcome to ask any question you have for him! Write to us at contact@quantinsti.com with your question or click on the link below!

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