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Register for the webinar to learn to trade fundamentals profitably, understand the challenges surrounding High-frequency data analysis, discover the opportunities and gotchas in Futures trading, and view a live demonstration of a step-by-step tutorial on one of the most popular trading strategies, the Pairs trading strategy!

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Statistical Arbitrage Trading at Quantra

Learn to build Statistical Arbitrage strategies step-by-step using Excel and Python by taking “Statistical Arbitrage Trading”. Experience interactive learning through videos, audios, presentations, multiple choice questions and hands-on guided coding exercises. Also, get downloadable excel model and python code for pair trading strategy and e-book. Get officially certified by QuantInsti and MCX after successful completion! Other courses are "Getting Started with Algorithmic Trading” and "Python for Trading!"



Featured Alumnus

V Sankaranarayanan

Mr V Sankaranarayanan

He was formally trained as a B.Tech. in Electronics. He was working in Axis Securities as Database Manager when he joined EPAT™. He wanted to get into Algo Trading domain and sought QuantInsti's assistance for career growth. He has been successfully placed in an Asset management and advisory firm in the capacity of Quant Researcher! We congratulate him on making a successful entry in a new field and wish him all the best!




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Algorithmic trading

Build your Career in

Algo Trading

Top skills required to build a successful career in Quantitative trading and how to crack quant interviews. What type of skills do recruiters look for, salary packages available in this field. A quick and most recommended read for all wannabe quants/traders.

Decision Trees

How do Automated Trading Systems work?

Have you ever wondered how automated trading systems work? Read this insightful blog to know the mechanics of automated trading systems. Learn more about complex event processing, order management system, and risk management system. 


Machine Learning: Decision Trees

Decision trees are one of the widely used algorithms for building classification and regression models in machine learning and data mining. This post gives a good overview of decision trees, their structure, and how to construct decision trees.

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