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August 2017 Edition

Trading Using Machine Learning

Trading Using Machine Learning In Python – SVM 


Catch our latest blog on creating a trading strategy using the unsupervised machine learning algorithm illustrated in the previous blog and then learn to combine it with a Support Vector Classifier algorithm to make predictions for the current day's market trend. Finally, we will also discuss ways in which one could improve this trading strategy.


Trading with Machine Learning

Get to know the role of trade in bringing the world together throughout centuries. This blog will take you through the journey of trade from exchange of goods and services to a much more complex stock trading practices.

Quants Salary

This blog covers a detailed analysis of opportunities for quants in various countries and data on average salary earned by quants in local currency. This blog also covers a typical job description and qualification required for you to become one.

Greek in Options

Understanding option Greeks is essential for successful options trading. Get to learn the popular Greeks in this blog with simple examples. Also, don’t forget to catch the insightful videos on Greeks included at the end of this blog. 

Crowdsourced Sentiment Analysis

The article explains a simple sentiment analysis trading strategy created using a stock sentiment indicator bar from a popular financial markets portal. The strategy can also be modified or combined with other relevant trading strategy. 

Evolution of Trading

Understand the basics of Classification predictive models and get an opportunity to code an algorithm based on the concept of Support Vector Classifier. Code a trading strategy using the predictions made by the Support Vector Classifier algorithm.


Trade Systems Are Personal


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