Rise of HFT in Emerging Markets

Counter to the usual notion, HFT actually is quite popular in the Indian trading scene. If you haven’t made up your mind already, consider the following arguments:

Algorithmic trading’s market share is increasing significantly

HFT in India

by Anupriya Gupta

And it has grown significantly in last one year since this report. Algorithmic trading as a percentage of total trading volume is around 33% in equity and 50% in derivatives segment in Mar 2015.

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The space is getting crowded with more and more firms competing

      • Acceletrade Technologies
      • APT (Gurgaon)
      • Dolat Group (Mumbai)
      • Edelweiss (Mumbai)
      • Estee Advisors (Gurgaon)
      • Goldman Sachs | India (Bangalore/Mumbai)
      • iRageCapital (Mumbai)
      • Morgan Stanley in India (Mumbai)
      • Open Futures (Delhi)
      • Quadeye (Gurgaon)
      • Samssara Capital Technologies
      • Tower Research (Gurgaon)
      • Way2Wealth Illuminati Securities Private Limited (Bangalore/Mumbai)
      • WorldQuant LLC

and many more. I haven’t included banks brokerage houses like ICICI Securities, Kotak etc which does the execution side HFT.

The salaries are rising

Please look at this answer for better comparisons.

Even start-ups in this space pay more than tech giants.

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There are many courses and Educational bodies which have come up to support Algorithmic trading.

To sum it up, More trading, more companies, more people, more salaries, extremely talented workforce and very high growth – seems pretty vibrant space to be in.

Source: http://www.quora.com/Why-is-high-frequency-trading-not-popular-in-India

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