Decode the Changing Landscape of Trading [WEBINAR]

Decode the Changing Landscape of Trading [WEBINAR]

Financial markets these days are more connected than ever before. Any event happening in one market influences the behavior of markets in other geographies. Even the number of trading destinations is increasing at a rapid pace.

In such a changing trading landscape, where traders utilize information from multitude of sources to design their trading strategy,

  • How does one keep pace with competition?
  • How does one go about trying to get information from multiple trading venues?
  • What is the technological complexity involved in connecting to different markets?
  • What are the regulatory challenges in different markets?
  • What is the competitive landscape in various geographies – what are the most traded asset classes, and who will be your competitors in these foreign markets?
  • What is the level of sophistication and evolution of the foreign markets?

Being centered on technology rather than traders, algorithmic trading has no location dependency – thereby enabling quick replication of successful strategies in new geographies. The answers to the questions above can therefore assist a successful trader to expand his operations algorithmically.

All these questions will be answered in a 1 and a half hour webinar by QuantInsti co-founder and faculty Rajib Ranjan Borah on the 2nd of May 2014.

The webinar will compare and contrast the various markets with respect to,

  1. Technological infrastructure and protocols
  2. Regulatory hurdles
  3. Competitive landscape – asset classes, competitors and level of sophistication

This webinars is likely to be beneficial to,

  1. Traders in exploring trading opportunities in different geographies
  2. Quant job-seekers in gauging opportunities in algorithmic trading in different geographies

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